Saturday, 4 May 2013

Being tourists

Primark Dress
Zara City Chain Bag
Office Nighthawks

So yesterday we ventured into the city centre to check out the cathedral, after being at uni for almost a full academic year, I hadn't seen any of the sights! My favourite part of it was watching some guy dance and sing one direction to the cathedral haha. 

I brought this jumper the other day at the student shopping event. 20% off at Topshop I just couldn't turn down! I also brought this little basic crop top and one of the peel off nail polishes, which i'll probably review on my blog sometime soon. 

Well, even though these photos were only taken yesterday they are somehow outdated now. After getting extremely drunk last night I let my friend dip dye my hair pink! There are a few photos on my instagram here, if you want to see. 



  1. Your outfit is so pretty, that dress colours is gorgeous, and perfect for Spring!

    Imogen <3

  2. argh i absolutely love everything your wearing, it's so so cute!

  3. I love this outfit, especially the jumper! XX

  4. Such a lovely outfit, perfect for the English Spring! Love the shoes too :) x

  5. You look lovely Lauren! I bet that dress is gorgeous! Where do you study? haha I would love to see that man singing One Direction haha! x Laura

    1. haha it was so funny.
      I study at Canterbury in Kent x

  6. I did the same thing when I was at Uni, it's amazing the different places you've never visited even after living somewhere for so long.

  7. Cute dress- love the colour :) You're so pretty,

    Ruth x


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