Monday, 20 May 2013

a little death around the eyes

River Island Coat
Topshop Tee
Zara City Chain Bag
Chelsea Boots (similar here)

Where did all the sun go? A week of wearing summer clothes just wasn't enough. I guess it's back to coats and jackets for the time being. I'm pretty sure I've posted this look on my blog before, but unfortunately I don't have an unlimited wardrobe, wouldn't that be nice. 

Even though I loved the week of skirts and not having to wear layers. I have missed this coat! I spend all autumn/winter snuggled up in it! Oversized clothes are definitely one of my favourites, it's so nice to walk around the city in a nice big cosy coat!

It's bloody May and I'm talking about winter clothes, this can't be right. 



  1. Great outfit ... I love the coat :) !!
    Misha x

  2. Last week I was getting so excited about summer and now it seems to have gone... at least you have an excuse to keep wearing this lovely coat! xx

  3. It has been pouring down in the Netherlands as well! I got so excited for summer! I see why you missed the coat, it's gorgeous!! x Laura

  4. you remind me a bit of rosie from mic haha love the outfit

  5. Love the dedication you have for you OOTD, in rain or shine! Adore your coat xo

  6. Love your jacket! And we've had lots of rain here in canada this weekend too, Im just not a big fan of rain so I hope the weather's gonna be better soon :)

  7. You look fab in this OOTD even though you're being rained on :D I have a bit of coat envy though, right now! Haha xx

    Gemma | ♥


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