Friday, 31 May 2013

My Loose Women experience

On Wednesday me and my flatmate went to see Loose Women. It was so exciting as I've never been to see anything like it before and being a media student, I couldn't wait to go to ITV studios and see how everything is done. This is a very different post to what I would put on my blog, so if you're not interested, don't worry because there will be an outfit post up tomorrow. 

A month or so ago my flatmate and I signed up to SRO Audiences to try and get tickets to some shows, Loose Women being one we both really wanted to go to. A few days later we got an email saying we had priority tickets. We were both so amazed considering we only applied for them a few days before and we didn't think we would get tickets for anything. 

So on Wednesday we headed to London on an early train so we would be there in time for the live viewing of the show. At College I did a year of my media BTEC on panel and quiz shows so I was excited to see what I had learnt and tested out for myself on a real life television set. 

What made the day even better, when we were outside ITV studios trying to see where we needed to go, we saw Jonathan Ross! If you follow me on twitter or instagram you would have already known this, but it literally was amazing. I'm a massive fan of Jonathan Ross, so it was so great to met him for a couple of minutes, and he was so nice! There wasn't many people around so he saw us lingering and asked us if we wanted a photo! Which was great because normally celebrities try to stay away from the fans and having their photos taken. 

Being completely starstruck it took us extra long to find where we needed to go. After a good 10 minutes of us going OMG we found the queue we needed to join. The wall which we was told to stand by was full of celebrity hand prints, my favourite being Paul O'Grady, who I adore. We spent the time in the queue uploading our Jonathan Ross pictures to every social media site possible and texting all our friends about what had happened ha. 

We finally got to go inside after almost an hours wait. We were lead into the building and went down a corridor filled with photographs of different ITV shows. The most surreal part was Queens guitarist Brian May (who was the guest on Loose Women that day) walked down the corridor and said hi to us all. Amazing! We went into the Loose Women set, which was crazy to see in real life! It definitely goes not look as glamorous as it does on television and is a lot smaller than you would expect. We were shown to our seats, my flatmate and I were placed on the third row right in the middle. Can you spot us in the top photo? 

There was an audience manager who told a few jokes to get us all going, and spoke about reacting, clapping and as well the 'ooooo' when ever the competition is mentioned. The 'loose women' were then introduced to us, who were Carol Vorderman, Lisa Maxwell, Carol McGiffin and Janet Street-Porter. Janet is my favourite so I was glad she was on the panel. Also, it's good to know, in the mugs they have on the desk, Janet has redbull is hers haha. 

It was so weird watching the show IRL rather than through the television. In the ad breaks the audience manager entertained us as well as interacting with the loose women on the panel. It was strange to hear Lisa say 'oh I should have said this when we were talking about that', it was just really weird, I had never really thought about what they talk about in the adverts. 

The guests on the show that day were Brian May from Queen and sports personality Gabby Logan, who were both really interesting. So the show was really great to watch. Overall, the experience was really cool, it was interesting to see the 'backstage' sort of stuff, what you don't see when you're watching it at home. It was actually exciting just being around the ITV studios and seeing what goes on. I would definitely go to see a show again! 

If you're gone to see a television show please let me know, I would love to hear about it in the comments, and what you thought of the whole experience. Tomorrow I will publish an outfit post which I wore to Loose Women, and also I did a little Primark trip so hopefully a haul will be up next week. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sweet sweet fantasy

The nice weather is finally back! I'm celebrating by wearing my light summery clothing I've been waiting FOREVER to wear. First of all, I brought this River Island jumper a few days ago and I was so indecisive because I really hate how shear it is. There is no way I could get away with not wearing a vest top underneath, even with a skin coloured bra it looked weird. But I just had to buy it because I love the open back, it's so unusual and cute. Plus the slouchy style really fits in with the sports luxe trend I'm loving at the mo. It's a shame a vest top is needed underneath, it would look so cool showing some skin. 

Secondly, these trousers! I love them. I brought them quite a while ago but have been waiting for a lovely summery day to wear them. They are from the Celia Birtwell collection in Uniqlo, where there are loads of basic pieces in all different gorgeous prints. I love the fit of these trousers, they are easy to wear and very well made. Also, they are only £12.90! Normally printed trousers are always over the £20+ mark. I actually went to Bluewater yesterday and brought two more pairs in different prints. 


Monday, 27 May 2013

Nike Blazers

 Office Nike Blazers - £44.99

If you read my last outfit post you'll know I recently brought a pair of Nike Blazers. They were so popular last year, and if you had a pair I would have been so envious of you! I literally wanted a pair so much, I use to always go into Office to tease myself and see if I could justify paying £70 for them. 

So the other day I went into Office and saw they were doing £25 off a selection of their Blazers, I literally hunted for any colour they had in a size 3 (yes I have tiny feet). Luckily they had my size in these ones which were my favourite of the selection. I just think these are much more wearable than those brightly coloured ones. Although I do really like these bright blue ones which are on sale. Weirdly, the ones I brought aren't on sale on the website, so definitely check in-store if you're interested. 

I'm so happy I finally brought a pair. The vintage style of them is so cool, and for some reason they remind me of being an american boy in 'gym class' in a 80's teen movie or something, haha I have no idea. I'm not really a big trainers person, but I'm really into the sports luxe trend recently (which is crazy because I hate sport), so these will deffo add to this trend. They will look so cool with a beanie. 

What do you think of Nike Blazers and the sports luxe trend? 


Saturday, 25 May 2013

VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray

The V05 'Give me texture' collection is all about getting that 'effortlessly cool' look without any hassle. This appealed to me as I like a boost to my hair without spending too much time on it. I use V05 products a lot as I find they are great quality and reasonably priced for a student budget. My favourite products by them have to be the Plump me up shampoo and condition which I'm always repurchasing, as it makes my hair look a lot thicker and makes the first day after washing more bearable, as I find with other shampoos and conditions the hair after washing is too smooth and thin to do anything with. 

The dry texturising spray really did make a difference. I spray it underneath the roots of my hair and within the ends, and just ruffle and scrunch until I get the desired look. It wasn't very long lasting, so I suggest if you buy this to keep it in your bag so you can use it on-the-go if need be. 

Overall, I really liked this product and did exactly what it says on the tin. Although I do wish it was longer lasting. I have actually finished this bottle, so I will be repurchasing as it is a great product to make your hair look thicker and achieve more texture. What are your favourite products for adding texture? 


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I wanna be your best friend

Forever 21 Tee (similar here)
Topshop Jersey Skirt
New Look Belt
Zara City Chain Bag

Something wonderful happened today. I walked past Office and saw they were doing £25 off a selection of their Nike Blazers. I've been after a pair ever since everyone was buying them last year, and every so often I go into Office to have a little look, and see if I can justify paying £70 for them. Last week I actually nearly brought a pair, so thank god I waited because what would have been £69.99, I got for £44.99. Ah! So excited to start wearing them. You should all expect a blog post on them some time soon. 

Anyway, here is just a basic outfit I threw on to go into town for lunch, (and to have a cheeky look in the shops of course). Seriously, so bored of wearing warm clothing now, bring on the sun. 


Monday, 20 May 2013

a little death around the eyes

River Island Coat
Topshop Tee
Zara City Chain Bag
Chelsea Boots (similar here)

Where did all the sun go? A week of wearing summer clothes just wasn't enough. I guess it's back to coats and jackets for the time being. I'm pretty sure I've posted this look on my blog before, but unfortunately I don't have an unlimited wardrobe, wouldn't that be nice. 

Even though I loved the week of skirts and not having to wear layers. I have missed this coat! I spend all autumn/winter snuggled up in it! Oversized clothes are definitely one of my favourites, it's so nice to walk around the city in a nice big cosy coat!

It's bloody May and I'm talking about winter clothes, this can't be right. 


Friday, 17 May 2013

She's got corpses in her mouth

Monki Dress
New Look Scarf
Zara City Chain Bag
Topshop Speckled Tights (similar here)
Office Nighthawks (similar here)

Hope you all had a nice week. For me, I've literally just been moping around and doing nothing. What happened to all the nice weather we had? 

This is the outfit I wore yesterday, I just spent the day blogging and running errands. In the evening the flatmates and I went out for a nice walk, and we met some cows. If you didn't see the photos, you can check them out on my instagram here. The guys got me climbing up hills, jumping ditches and trying to get over fences. All dressed like this! My friend said I looked like a hungover actress. Definitely was not dressed for the occasion! 

Have a great weekend! Tonight I'm going to a disney themed night out for my friends birthday and still haven't got an outfit, ooops. 


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pretty pastel polishes for spring

Recently, all I've been buying is pastel coloured nail polishes, I really like the cute neutral look, especially for spring. Here are a few of my recently buys as well as some much loved classics. Don't forget to tell me what your favourites are! 

Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate in New Romantic - £4.49: Kate Moss' collections for Rimmel always impress me, I love her lipsticks and now these polishes. I have Britpop (which I reviewed here) and loved! What impressed me the most is that it didn't chip for five days, which is a record for me as they normally chip within the first few days of wear. So, I headed to boots to buy more, and this shade really caught my eye. 

Essie Mint Candy Apple - £7.99: You've all heard about mint candy apple! It's the most gorgeous mint green and should be in everyone's spring collections. Essie does have quite a high price tag, but they really are good quality, and only two coats to be opaque. 

Models Own Utopia - £5: This polish is definitely the most worn in my collection. It's a lovely diffused lilac, and it's also great for laying glitters over it. For £5, these are good quality, although I do wish Models Own would make their brushes thicker! 

Essie Fiji - £7.99: I've been wearing this polish so much recently so I had to include it! It's very much like Models Own Utopia, but rather than a diffused lilac, in pink! It's very cute. I'm wearing it today with the Loreal Paris Confetti topcoat. 

Topshop Peel Off Nails in Straight Laced - £5: I reviewed this polish a few days ago here, and I'm really not overly pleased with it, but I do LOVE the colour. It reminds me of a elephant grey, which is so cute. It's a shame the formula isn't very good quality. 

2 True in Shade 15 - £1.99: I gave a mini review of this polish here, and I really like it for the £1.99 price mark. The shade is really lovely, and it looks a lot nicer on the nails than my colour wheel. Definitely worth picking up. I brought three of collection, but this is the only one I really love. 


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Last night

Zara City Chain Bag

Please excuse the awful quality and alignment of these photos, I was very very very drunk. But I thought I would show you what a wore last night because most of the photos on my blog are just day-to-day outfits. I don't ever get really really dressy when I go out, I like to keep my going out clothes to my own personal style, and I'm really not into the whole 'show as much of your body as you can' sort of look. 

The key to my 'going out' outfits are always wear comfy shoes! A lot of time at uni I just go out in flats. But if I'm feeling partially dressy I'll wear wedges or flatforms. I also tend to wear my leather jacket a lot because I hate being cold when walking from bar to bar, and a leather jacket is a great way to add an edge to an outfit. To be honest, I wear this jacket nearly everyday, night or day, it's the best purchase I've ever made. 

What are your statement pieces for a night out? 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Rimmel London scandaleyes eye shadow in Bulletproof Beige

The Rimmel London Scandaleyes stick is a cream shadow which is perfect for a day and night look. They have many different colours out, but I was drawn to Bulletproof Beige, which is the perfect champaign shade. It has a glossy finish, which people may find too much for a day look, but personally I think it's really nice, and definitely adds something. I was a bit unsure when I brought it if it would suit my ghostly skin tone, but it definitely works. The shadow is very creamy and glides on the eyelid with ease, and blends nicely. 

I'm also wearing the Collection 2000 Extreme 24Hour Felt Tip Liner, which I've reviewed here, and also the Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandaleyes mascara. Which I haven't reviewed because I've only just started using it, but so far I really like it, and it's currently super cheap on fragrance direct

Saturday, 11 May 2013

You've won me over

Zara City Chain Bag
Chelsea Boots (similar here)

I've finished my first year at University! The past week has been very stressful trying to get all my assignments done, as well as having a horrible cold. That's why I haven't posted a few days last week, but now I'm back in action with lots of post ideas. 

My pink hair is slowly fading, sadly. I actually really liked it, and I'm going to think about maybe doing it again. 

I've been living in this ASOS t-shirt recently, I've been looking for something like it for ages, as I really like the american jock sort of look. It's only £12, which is such a bargain, even for ASOS. I teamed it with my disco pants to make it a little girlier, and threw on my chelsea boots. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Topshop peel off nails in Straight Laced

I love all things Topshop make-up, especially their nail polish. But this one really did disappoint me. I've been meaning to try these peel off nail polishes for so long, and last week I finally brought one after seeing this gorgeous shade. The colour is an elephant grey, which is so gorgeous and nothing like any of the other polishes I have in my collection. 

As much as I love the colour, the formula is very thin, which made it hard for it to become opaque. I painted 4 coats and still the polish is see through towards the end of my nails. I think this could be because the shade is so light, maybe the other darker polishes would have been better. As well as this, the formula is very streaky, but then it's completely dry it becomes a lot smoother and the streaks are not as obvious as before. 

I really like how the polish peels off. This is great for people who really hate using nail varnish remover. Towards the ends of my nails, the polish had started to curl over ready to be peeled off, which is a shame because it had only been on for a day. So you don't get much wear out of the polish before it begins to look messy. What I do really like is that if you wear a glitter polish over the top, you are still able to peel the polish off. This is great, as glitters are normally such a hassle to get off! 

Overall, I'm not the happiest bunny with this polish. I won't be buying any more of the Topshop peel off polishes, but I will carry on wearing this one as the colour is so nice. I will definitely be wearing glitter top coats over this, as it saves time trying to scrub the glitter off, when you can just peel it. If anyone knows any nail polishes that are a similar colour to this one, please let me know! Also, have you tried these peel off polishes, what did you think?


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sleek au naturel palette

I have never brought anything from Sleek before, but after my friend recommended this palette to me, I thought I would give it a try. We were discussing the MUA Undressed Palette, and how the colours are really nice but would much prefer them if they wasn't so glittery. I've only had the MUA palette for a month or so and the eye shadows have already started crumbing and falling apart. So this Sleek palette seemed perfect, the colours are very similar but in a matte finish and paying that little bit extra definitely meant better quality. 

All the eye shadows included in this palette are shades I would wear on a day-to-day basis. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to eye shadow, so nude and basic colours are perfect for me. The top row is filled with nudes, my favourites being toast, honeycomb and nubuck. The lower row are darker shades which I really like for the evening or days when I fancy a darker eye. I really like regal, which is a dark purple shade which is very gothy and cool. Also conker would be perfect for a night out, its a smoky grey with gold speckles in it.  

I have found the quality of the eye shadows so much better than my MUA palette, I've been using this religiously since I brought it and none of the shadows have cracked or began to crumble. I also really love the packing, it makes the product look a lot more expensive than it was, and inside is a huge mirror which is perfect for using it on-the-go. 

Do you use any of the Sleek products, and what do you think?


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pink hair

H&M Dress
Zara City Chain Bag
Topshop Vectras (similar here)

I have pink hair! So I went out Friday night with my friend (who has bright pink hair all over) and somehow at 3 in the morning we were dip dying mine! Ah! To be honest, I quite like it and it's already starting to fade so it would be with us too long. 

Today I'm going to a music festival thingy in the city centre, and hopefully I'll be seeing Duke Dumont, Swiss Lips, The Ramona Flowers and Is Tropical (well, if I can force my friends to see them bands too haha) 

Hope everybody is having a lovely weekend in the sunshine, if you've got any!


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Being tourists

Primark Dress
Zara City Chain Bag
Office Nighthawks

So yesterday we ventured into the city centre to check out the cathedral, after being at uni for almost a full academic year, I hadn't seen any of the sights! My favourite part of it was watching some guy dance and sing one direction to the cathedral haha. 

I brought this jumper the other day at the student shopping event. 20% off at Topshop I just couldn't turn down! I also brought this little basic crop top and one of the peel off nail polishes, which i'll probably review on my blog sometime soon. 

Well, even though these photos were only taken yesterday they are somehow outdated now. After getting extremely drunk last night I let my friend dip dye my hair pink! There are a few photos on my instagram here, if you want to see. 


Friday, 3 May 2013

2 True nail polish

 2 True Nail polish in shades: 17, 15 and 16 - £1.99 each

2 True is a cheaper brand stocked in most Superdrug stores. I have never brought anything from the brand before but after seeing a few reviews on these polishes I thought it was about time. The polishes are marked at £1.99 each, or buy any three for £5, which is what I did. At this price, I wasn't expecting anything amazing, but their not bad. 

Shade 17 is a pastel coral, but with a slightly more orange tone. Shade 15 is a pale blue and shade 16 is 'barbie pink' colour. All the colours are very wearable for spring/summer, and only two coats needed to be opaque. The brush is flat which makes the application process extremely quick and easy. The polish also dries very quickly. 

Overall, these polishes aren't bad! The application process is very quick, as only two coats are needed and it dries fast. The colours are quite generic and nothing extremely special, but I do really like shade 15, which I'm going to wear today. If you are on a budget these are perfect basic colours for a great price. 


Thursday, 2 May 2013

With you I stellify

 H&M Denim Jacket
Primark Crop Top
Forever 21 Bag
Office Nighthawks (similar here)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April in insta photos

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