Monday, 29 April 2013

We're fated to pretend

Forever 21 Playsuit
Office Nighthawks (similar here)

Forever 21 Playsuit
Office Nighthawks (similar here)

Hello, hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a lovely time with one of my besties, who came to visit me at university. We spent most of the weekend getting drunk, like you do. But now it's back to reality and lots of uni work unfortunately

I forgot I had this Forever 21 playsuit, I brought it last summer and wore it so much then completely forgot I had it, this happens a lot to me. It's been so nice getting all the summer clothes out these past weeks, England has actually been hot! Plus, the sun also makes my hair look so light! I dyed it all a dark blonde a few weeks ago, but it doesn't really show up until the sun comes out. 

What did you get up to this weekend? 



  1. love the post title, great song! and I love your sunglasses and playsuit!x

  2. Love this outfit, and of course MGMT! Your posts recently have been fab- I've been away for a week but I just had a catch-up and am very impressed! xx

  3. Such a beautiful playsuit! I like it so much : ) Great! : )

  4. love this outfit :) x

  5. Love your hair - jealous!

  6. I love your playsuit, especially how you paired it with your t-shirt!

  7. Your shoes are amazing! I love how they toughen up your playsuit.

    xo Kate
    Fashaholics Anonymous

  8. I love the layering you did here. Very cute!

    Lovely blog!

    Tiny darling

  9. Gorgeous outfit, love how you layered thee t-shirt underneath it :)
    Glad you had a good time with your bestie and made the most of it before returning to lots of work!

  10. This song was in my music faves! So good! Love the playsuite, I'm looking for some for the summer!

    - Trina ♥


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