Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss nail polish in Britpop

After Kate Moss' lipstick collections for Rimmel London were such a success, Kate Moss has released a line of nail polishes, I was so happy when I heard the news a month or so ago, and have been eagerly waiting for them to hit the stores!

Each nail polish is named after a music genre, for instance there is a gorgeous red named 'Hip Hop' and a metallic grey called 'Punk Rock', there are so many to choose from but I settled for 'Britpop' which is an ocean blue colour which really does remind me of Britpop and the British flag. I'm a massive fan of Britpop which drew me, but also because the colour is so pigmented and bright and nothing like any of the polishes I already have. 

This polish gives a salon finish, once applied and dried the polish is very smooth and has a gel finish. Very much like the Barry M Gelly's. The gel finish leaves the polish shiny and there is no need for a top coat. It is said that the polishes are long lasting and chip resistant for ten days. Although mine did not last ten days, it didn't chip for a amazing five days, which I am so happy about because normally my polishes chip within the first day of wear. 

Overall, I'm so happy with this polish. It's long lasting and didn't chip for five days. Plus, the polish didn't lose any pigment. The colour is gorgeous and I reckon I'll  be wearing it a lot this spring and summer. I will definitely be purchasing some more Kate Moss nail polishes! I've already got my eye on Disco Fever! 



  1. gorgeous colour!x


  2. that is such a gorgeous colour! going to check those out


    katy xxx

  3. Such a nice colour!
    Katie xx

  4. Five days of wear? That's amazing for a cheaper polish, will be taking a little peek at these now, I just dismissed them last time I was in superdrug x

    Amy - srslylou

  5. Sounds good to me! My nail polishes chip after like a day, I don't know whether it's me or the polish!

    Megan xxx

  6. Oh wow, that colour is gorgeous! And it lasts for five days without chipping? Might have to check them out!

    Sophie xo | thatswhatsophiesaid


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