Saturday, 6 April 2013

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 03

Kate Moss' lipstick collections for Rimmel London are products I always check out in Boots. They always have a wide range of shades and there's always a few I really like. Plus, I love Kate Moss, so anything with her name on it, I'm interested in! 

Since I brought the lipstick a few months ago, it's been my go-to lip product, as I love the nude/pinky shade of it, as it looks quite natural and is perfect for my day look. I do find that when it's first applied it is quite heavy but when it's been on for a few minutes and dried it's very smooth and even. It's very lasting, Rimmel say it's suppose to last up to 8 hours and I could probably say that's about right, although the product does become quite drying on the lips, so I would recommend topping it up throughout the day.  

Overall, I love the natural look of shade 03, and the pigment is great. It's very long lasting, and the only downside is that it's quite drying. I would definitely buy more of the Kate range in the future, I think it's great for the money as it's only around £5, which is quite cheap for a decent lipstick! 

Have you tried out any of the Kate Moss lipsticks for Rimmel? What do you think and which shade is your favourite? 
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