Monday, 22 April 2013

Primark + Forever 21 haul

So on Saturday I travelled back to university, but I couldn't resist a cheeky pit stop in Westfields. I don't have a Primark near me so whenever I get the chance I have to go. They have loads of great pieces in their at the moment. 

I also popped into Forever 21 for a look around. Forever 21 is great but to be honest I hate shopping in store, it's like a jumble sale and there are wayy to many clothes to look at. I just don't think the clothes are displayed very well, and I would much rather shop online. Does anyone else feel like this?

I've seen these skirts in Primark a few times but never picked them up. I don't have many spring/summer skirts so at £8, I might as well. The skirt comes in pink and blue and it's textured, which really adds something to a basic piece. it's really floaty and summery, it comes with a little brown belt which isn't too bad but I'll probs take it off. 

This peace top is from the men's section in Primark, but it's pretty much exactly the same as the Topman ones they use to do (which I had my eye on!) This is so cheap at £4, compared to Topman's ones which I think were around the £22 mark. I'm thinking of cutting it into a crop top, as where it has been folded for the photo above it looks like one, and I think it would be pretty cute. What do you think, should I cut it? 

This was pretty much a 'oh it's cheap, I'll put it in my basket' kind of buy. I do really like it, the print is cool but bodycons aren't exactly the most flattering on me, but I thought it would be nice with a peplum for a basic night out outfit. 

I reaaally like this. I know some people don't like clothing with words and stuff on them, but I just think it's a bit of fun. This doesn't actually look too Primarky, at the moment with the current stuff in Topshop, this could be from Topshop. It feels like good quality too! Primark are doing t-shirt dresses in the same print as these crop tops, I really wish I brought one now as they were only £6 and they were so cool. 

Spotted T-shirt (similar here)

These are my bits from Forever 21. I'm loving the printed trouser trend at the moment, so I picked up these monochrome ones, I'll have to do an outfit post soon so you can see them properly. The only problem with these is that they don't have the sizes in them, me and my boyfriend stood there for so long trying to figure out what ones would fit, and we literally just had to decide what ones looked the smallest just by looking at them, so annoying. 

I also got this spotted t-shirt. I like how the spots are different on the sleeves, it's so cute. It's also quite big and baggy which is perfect for an everyday tee! 



  1. Ooo the Aztec skirt is so nice and such a bargain! I agree with you about forever 21 I find it so over whelming there's so much with little organisation! xo


  2. I really like the first skirt from Primark. The colour is so pretty :)


    (P.s. you should def cut that peace top, very cute!)


  3. I nominated you in The Versatile Blogger Award, if you want to know all the fun details, visit my blog!:)

  4. love the comic print tee from primark!

  5. Great buys! I love the comic print crop top!

  6. Such cool buys! I get excited whenever I see the Primark shopping bags!

  7. Love the primark skirt, it looks like a quality garment, def. more expensive than it was!

  8. I like the pick textured skirt, I'll have to check them out next time I'm in primark :D xxx

  9. i'm seriously loving everything you bought! arghhh need to have a lil look in primarni haha

  10. Great buys! Love the skirts. I'd love to see how you style the trousers!

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

  11. Oh niceee I love the pink skirt!
    Yara from

  12. That is an amazing haul! I love forever 21!
    Follow me please?
    -Jenna <3


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