Friday, 12 April 2013

Maybelline color show in Pow Green

Pow Green has been mentioned on a few blogs I read and I just had to buy it! I'm really into bright/neon nail colours this spring, so when I saw Pow Green it really stood out to me. It's a very unusual colour, I haven't had anything like it before, and I really love the greeny shade with the yellow undertone. It reminds me a bit of a boogey green, but I actually really love it! 

The formula was very different to what I expected. I found it to be quite thick, and I needed quite a lot on my brush to get a full stroke. I think I did about 3 coats, but I wasn't able to use a base coat because I've left it at home, so with a base coat I reckon it would have been a lot better. The brush was nice and thick which I love, as it makes it so much easier to use! Overall, I'm pretty happy with the polish! 

I didn't expect this nail polishes to be so cheap! At £2.99, its worth giving it ago. They have loads of different colours and shades, I will definitely be picking some more up soon. I also really like how they're in little 7ml bottles, as I never finish normal sized bottles of nail polish, so I would rather have little ones for cheaper! Has anyone else tried these out yet?

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