Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I wonder how whatsername has been

River Island Coat
New Look Belt

I thought I would share a work outfit with you! This why the lighting is so awful, I took the photos after work about 6 last night. The lighting was so shit but I just wanted to get it done so it will have to do. 

Normally I don't dress well for work. Seriously, I just wear a black skirt and a top, nothing exciting. But yesterday I decided to wear this ASOS dress I brought last month, I really like how it looks with the little belt to give it some shape. I originally brought the dress to wear at uni with a casually blazer to dress it down, but I haven't done that yet, but I do really like how it looks with my coat.  

Also, I've had a few people comment on my outfit post titles over the last few months. I really enjoy picking the lyrics to include, so I thought at the end of each post (that I use lyrics as the title) I would include a little spotify link, so you can listen to the song. I love discovering new songs and bands, so if you do too you might benefit from this, or just rediscovered a classic! 

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