Monday, 18 March 2013

You are the dream that I forgot

Office Nighthawks
Nails: Rimmel Peppermint

My outfit post consists of so much New Look today! This never happens because since moving to uni, our city only has a pathetically small New Look which is always full of jumpers and nothing else. I should really start looking on the website because when I was looking for the item links (for up there^) I saw so many cute little dresses and tops. 

Despite everything I just said, I did go into the store a few weeks ago and picked up this crop top, skater dress and the top from this outfit post all in one visit (I barely ever buy more than one item in one go if I'm not in Primark) New Look is definitely doing good this season in my eyes! 

I'm really loving crop tops and embracing my inner 90's child at the moment, I really need to get some more. I love the Topshop ones but I'm definitely going to be hunting through Primark for some cheaper alternatives. What fashion trend are you loving at the moment? 



  1. Gorgeous top, love the colour :) xxx

  2. You look lovely Lauren! That skater dress looks so pretty! x Laura

  3. Everytime I look at one of your outfit posts I think "I'm sooo envious of her hair!" :) Love the boots!
    Do you take your pictures yourself with like a tripod or does someone take them for you?

    1. At the moment somebody is taking my photos for me, as my tripod is at home, and I'm at university at the moment. Over the next month I'm hoping to try out using a tripod!

      Aw thank you! I really like your hair too!

  4. I think you can find me wearing cropped tops this summer as well!

  5. cute, love the color of the top!


  6. What a cute outfit girl! Have a nice week :)

  7. great outfit! I'll be investing more in crop tops too this summer!

  8. cute look


    Check out my new post

  9. I really love your crop top! The colour is really really nice!

  10. Love the top, Lauren! The color is so vibrant!

    - Trina ♥


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