Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wishlist #3

1. TOPSHOP MIX AND MATCH SHIFT DRESS: I keep seeing this dress in Topshop and every time I consider buying it. If I actually had money this would be straight in my wardrobe. Shift dresses are the dress of the season, and this one is seriously gorgeous. I love the mixture of different patters, it's so different to your usual shift dress. It would also be really cute with a cropped jumper, so you can only see the bottom half. 

2. MANGO TUXEDO BLAZER: I've been looking for a white blazer for so long now and I can't find the perfect one at a reasonable price. This tuxedo blazer from mango comes pretty close to the perfect white blazer, (it also comes in black, mentol and red) I love how smart it looks. I would wear it with cute spring dresses to dress it down but still have that formal edge. 

3. MISS SELFRIDGE PINAFORE DRESS: I've been loving the pinafore trend, just like most of you have too. I really love my Topshop pinafore (shown here) and I would love to buy a few more. I saw this one on the Miss Selfridge website and it's seriously so cute, perfect for wearing shirts and tees under it. The polka dot design is really sweet, I will wear anything that makes me feel like a child again. 

4. TOPSHOP KNITTED MIXED YARN JACKET: This is my favourite piece on my wishlist, I will be buying it as soon as I have some money! I'm loving these little jackets at the moment, it reminds me of my Primark one, (shown here). I just think they add a little something to a basic outfit, and definitely great for spring days where you just need a light jacket. 

5. TOPSHOP PARKER PREMIUM CHELSEA BOOTS: These are just perfect! I have some cheap flat chelsea boots, but I'm really loving these ones with the heel at the moment. I'm so in love with these, but being a student I can't afford them, sad face. They would be great for everyday wear as the heel is a reasonable height, and they would look amazing with everything! I'm definitely going to be looking for a dupe. 



  1. the white blazer is so chic!! and those boots are a must have too!!

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  2. I love all the different prints in that first dress! And those boots are gorgeous!Xx

  3. Nice wishlist ;)

  4. Yea please to all of it xx

    ide love if you checked out my blog :)

  5. I need that blazer too!
    I love al your picks - great choices!!
    UK High Street Fashion

  6. #5 chelsea boots are to die for!

  7. I've been on the hunt for the perfect blazer also! I love the chelsea boots, so pretty xo

  8. I'm loving the pinafore dress, the boots are lovely too. My bank account already hates me I'll have to hold out 'till my birthday x

  9. The Topshop jackets my favorite too! love it (:

    Remia x

  10. I'm loving that first dress and the white blazer!

  11. Such a beautiful wishlist and they would all look really cute together as well! I love the first Topshop dress, it makes mixing prints easy!
    I hope you get the Mango jacket!

    E x


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