Saturday, 16 March 2013

VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak

My hair is quite dry and damaged from dying my hair so much, so when I read about this hot oil I thought I would give it ago. Considering it's only around £4 it's quite a cheap drug store product, and VO5 is a brand I've used many times so I knew it wouldn't let me down. 

I've never used a hot oil before, so there was me reading all the directions carefully to make sure I didn't do it wrong! But it's pretty simple, put a big blob of it on your hair before shampooing, leave it in for a minute then rinse and shampoo. 

It made my hair feel so clean and refreshed. Normally after washing my hair it is still quite dry and lifeless, but the hot oil leaves my hair moisturised and smooth without making it heavy or removing any volume. It definitely made my hair look a lot more healthy. I really like using this hot oil as it feels like my hair is getting a good clean and it removes all the products I have put in it between washes. Although I don't actually use it every time I wash my hair, more like once a week.

Have you used any hot oils, what do you think? I would love to try some more out.



  1. Great review! I have never dyed my hair but its a bit dry from heat damage, This sounds like a lovely product (:

    Remia x

  2. This is definitely something I need to get! My hair is really dry now from dying it, so this looks perfect :) xxx

  3. That sounds like a nice oil, especially for the price! I shall look out for this!!


  4. I've tried this but it makes my hair too oily and greasy!

  5. you know what you're doing, love it.

  6. I've never tried a hot oil before, but I'm really looking for new things to use on my hair - I'm glad this product worked out for you! :)

  7. Vo5 sells more unique products in the UK than the US. Jealous! | nyc style blog


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