Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Style Inspo: the dawson's creek girls

There are nineties inspired clothing filling up our high streets this spring/summer, so lets look at the girls that were working it back then. I'm not sure if any of my readers were fans of Dawson's Creek back in the day, but it seriously is a timeless coming of age tv show and I guarantee you'll share the same hatred for the main character as every other Dawson's Creek fan in the world. 

So, check out Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams) in the top right wearing a striped turtle neck crop top, very similar to the plain ones you can pick up in Topshop! (check it out here.) On the top right is Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) wearing a cropped bralet, but she was more known for her oversized boyish style like in the bottom right. She spent most of the first couple of seasons in baggy jumpers and shorts or dungarees, definitely something I love! I spend most my life in oversized comfy clothing. Unfortunately, Joey's style was ruined by her sister Bessie by teaching her how to put on lipstick and wear girly clothing. Although she did keep wearing her belly tops. 

One of my favourite style icons from Dawson's Creek was Miss Jacobs. She only appeared in a few episodes as she stole Pacey's innocence and then left town but nevertheless, she dressed well. She wore a lot of chiffon shirts (shown below) with high waisted skirts. I really like the smart yet everyday look, I think it's so classy and cute. I need to find a tweed blazer similar to the one she's wearing below, and I love how she has her hair. 

While I was doing some research on this post I found the funniest website! The creator has describe it as a inaccurate and biased version of wikipedia which is based on TV shows, films and books. It's so funny, click here if you're interested

What do you think of the 90's trend? I would also love to know your thoughts on this post, as I haven't done anything like this yet and I thought it would be a nice change. 

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  1. oh, great post:}} i remember all these actors, Katie is my favorite one, so beautiful and lovely;}X

  2. This was a great post, very creative!
    I love the 90's trend and Katie Holmes!

    1. Thank you, it's great to get feedback :)

  3. Love this , definitely inspirational! X


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