Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Stripes + a trip to London

New Look T-Shirt
Chelsea Boots via Ebay (similar here)

Yesterday, me and my flatmate went to the V&A Museum of Childhood in London, as she needed to go for her university course. I was happy to go because I really enjoy museums and I was promised a Primark trip after! 

It was actually really great. There were so many old toys, and even toys that I had in the 90's were on show. There were loads of MASSIVE dolls houses, which I was so jealous of because I only had a little one with four rooms. Not one that was bigger than my actual house! But anywho it was a great day and we even got to meet the teletubbies

After that, like promised, we went to Primark and spent three and a half hours filling up our baskets! I'm thinking of doing a sort of 'primark haul post' as I did get quite a few bits yesterday. Please let me know if you'd be interested. 

I thought I would end this post with a cheeky pic of me and po... 

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