Monday, 25 March 2013

She bangs the drums

ASOS Faux Leather Skirt

I wore this outfit last week on a night out, I took the photos and then forgot to upload them. But here they areee. I'm so shocked that ASOS are still selling this peplum top, as I brought it last summer for £28, and now it's down to £14! Hate it when that happens. 

I love these New Look wedges, I've been wearing them loads lately as they are so comfy and easy to walk in! Perfect! Definitely need to get some more wedged heels in the future. 

Today me and my flatmate are going on an educational trip to the museum of childhood, as she studies early childhood. I'm so excited to see lots of toys! I'll probably be uploading lots of photos on my instagram if any of you are interested! 


  1. That top is seriously cute! You look lovely! xo

  2. i love your top! perfect for spring!

  3. You look lovely! :) That top is gorgeous! x Laura

  4. This floral peplum is amazing - you have great taste and I <3 your blog :)

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  5. That's a lovely top! I wish I could wear my sleevless tops right now x

  6. That top is so cute! :-) I'm following you now hope you'll follow back :-)

  7. This top is lovely, i love your outfit posts. definitely following
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  8. Gorgeous top, the print is lovely! x

  9. That top is the cutest! The print is perfect for summer. I always feel so gutted when an item i've bought gets marked down afterwards, i know how you feel!
    -Kate xo

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