Saturday, 9 March 2013

My top 3 favourite mascaras

Here are my top three favourite mascaras at the moment! I thought I would do some reviews for you because I love reading everyone else's as I love trying out new products. So I'm going to give it ago. My top three mascaras consist of: Avon super shock max, Rimmel London scandaleyes and Rimmel London extra super lash. I know my reviews will be very "I  love this.. I love that.." but these are my favourite mascaras and I don't really have anything negative to say about them. 

I was impressed with this mascara as soon as I started using it. I find with some mascaras they don't really start to impress me until they have been used for a couple of week and the formula gets thicker, but this was not the case! Avon's super shock max gives my lashes full coverage and makes them look twice as long. Plus, it really goes add volume to my lashes and that's the main feature I want from my everyday mascara, as my lashes are so short and dull. I really love this product, at £10 it is on the expensive side but I do think it's worth it. I actually got this mascara free in a Marie Claire magazine last year and I haven't stopped using it since. 

I've had this this mascara for so long and I remember when I brought it I really liked it, but then brought more and more mascaras and it ended up at the bottom of my make up bag and forgot about. I started using it again last month and I really like how it looks on my lashes. It actually gives a falsie effect to my eye lashes, which is so ridiculous because my lashes are just useless! But this really does bring them to life. It defines and separates the lashes, and the end of the brush is great for getting in there and defining areas which have been missed. 

I have nothing but good things to say about this mascara. It's great for an everyday and night look, and I find myself using this mascara the most out of all three. The main reason I love this mascara is that the pigment is really really black. It doesn't say on the product that it's extra black, but it definitely is a lot darker than any other mascaras I'm using at the moment. It gives off a very dramatic look which can be build up depending on how much formula is applied. It has a curved brush which gives you full coverage and allows you to apply it evenly. As well as everything else, it lasts! At £4.99, it's very cheap and cheerful and it's one product I can easily say I will buy again and again. 

What are your favourite mascaras? I would love to try them out. 



  1. Rommel super lash is great for a day look xx

  2. haven't tried any of those. i love the "they're real" by benefit and "the falsies" by maybelline.

  3. I really want to try some Rimmel mascaras now!

  4. Love the rimmel mascara, it's always in my makeup bag somewhere! I really like the revlon grow luscious lash mascara at the moment, the wand is MASSIVE x

    1. I love mascaras when the wand is big, it makes the coverage more even, I'm definitely going to look out for this next time I'm in need of mascara

  5. Great post dear! Just the one I needed since I am on a hunt for a new mascara! :)) I will definitely thy the Scandaleyes one! :))


  6. I haven't tried any of these, but they all seem great, tempted with the Avon one!!
    My Mum has got be a benefit mascara for my birthday next month so can't wait to try that ;)

  7. I'm looking to try a whole bunch of new makeup soon so I'll add it to the list!


  8. Scandal Eyes by Rimmel and Collection "Big Fake Ultimate" Mascara are brilliant mascaras


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