Sunday, 24 March 2013


It's my favourite spring trend! I'm more of a monochrome girl than brights and bolds, which is why I'm so happy monochrome is everywhere this season. (Although I did actually buy this the other day.) Here are a few monochrome items I've been lusting over lately. Don't forget to tell me what you've been after this week in the comment box below.

1. Boohoo Olivia Monochrome High Neck Jumper - £20.00: Comfy jumpers are great whatever the season (especially in England when it's cold 99% of the time.) This one has a high neck which it's so cute and comfy. Plus, I don't think 20 quid is too bad for a jumper which you can carry on wearing into the winter. 

2. Topshop Open Shoulder Tee - £14.00: Topshop did similar tops to this last spring/summer which I really loved. I have a grey one which had an open shoulder and then the other side was sleeveless. I think the cut out shoulders are so cool and I'm quite shocked it's only £14 in Topshop, I was expecting a little bit more. 

3. Warehouse Side Buckle Detail Tote -  £38.00: I like my bags quite big and basic, and I'm in need of a new bag and this one is pretty much perfect. The price isn't toooo bad for a bag but I'll definitely be hunting through some more shops for something like this but cheaper.  

4. River Island Turtle Neck Bodycon Dress - £18.00: Another item which I expected to be a lot more expensive. Seriously can not believe it's only £18, it's such a cute little black dress with a nineties twist. The only trouble I have with bodycons is that it shows off everything! If I had a flat stomach I would be wearing this everyday! 

5. Topshop Jacquard Pleat Front Shorts - £30.00: The detailing on these little shorts are so cute, and I really love the pleating at the front. Black shorts are so versatile and easy to wear. These would look so nice with a crop top or a pretty shirt. 

6. River Island Long Sleeve Stripe Crop Top - £20.00: I've been lusting over this basic top for weeks now, so versatile and I would get a lot of wear out of it. But I cannot understand why it is £20! That's so much for a crop top! I really love how it's long sleeved yet a crop top, (and it being monochrome) but 20quid?! What do you think? 




  1. I love number one! definitely a piece that should be in my wardrobe

  2. I love monochrome, the open shoulder top looks perfect :)

  3. I need to pick up the open shoulder top!!! It's gorgeous x

  4. I love monochromes! The open shoulder tee is lovely! ((: Great peces hun!

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  5. For some reason, monochromatic outfits always look classy. Remind me of Coco Chanel, Tim Burton and classic must-haves.

  6. Loved the jumper and the bag! Just found your blog, followed :)

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

  7. love your picks but i wish the stripey crop top wasn't so expensive!

  8. Hey! That does seem expensive for a Crop, I bought this one recently, it is cheaper, a bit more of a statement and you can use your student discount on it as it is from ASOS.

    Or you could go to H&M and buy the long sleeve tee with the same colourings and hem it into a crop?

    £20 is never okay for a cotton stripe crop. I think New look have some too!

    E x

    1. Thank you for the link, the top is really nice, and a lot better than paying £20!

  9. I love all of these, especially the bag and the jumper! XO


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  10. i love monochrome too, just did a post on it. £20 is a lot for a stripey crop, primark are definitely doing stripey long sleeved t shirts (or they were like a month ago) so you could just buy one of them and turn it into a crop.

    katy xxx

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