Saturday, 2 March 2013

Captivate me

Topshop blazer
belt from New Look

Can you believe it's march already? This means my blog has been alive for three months now and going strong. I'm studying a media and communications course at uni, so I joined the blogosphere to improve my digital media skills while connecting with like minded people who love clothes and shopping! I'm really enjoying being a blogger and it's definitely allowing me to gain what I want out of my degree! 

Last week we had a guest speaker who runs her own e-commerce website, and she spoke in great detail about what makes a good website. It definitely gave me loads of tips for my blog (although it should really be giving me tips on our uni project oops) 

I wore this outfit yesterday into the city to run some errands. I love this dress from Monki, it's very cosy and oversized. I wore a belt just to give it some shape and threw on this blazer. I literally brought the blazer from Topshop over two years ago, I remember as it was about £50 (I think), but I got it in the sale for £15, chuffed. 



  1. oh that blazer is amazing! you got it at such a good price!!
    love what you're wearing as always

  2. Love this dress, the blazer was a bargain!Xx

  3. Lovee the blazer - such a lovely colour! x

  4. Love the blazer!
    Katie xx

  5. love the colour of the blazer!

  6. Great outfit. I love the colour of your blazer its very different :)

  7. Love your blog, please check out mine here:----->

  8. Love your outfit - especially the blazer!
    - Charlotte

  9. I never would have thought to put these two colours together but it really works!
    Following you now :)

  10. I noticed you said you do media at uni and I am going to soon be studying a level media, was just wondering what its like ect?:D


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