Sunday, 31 March 2013

What's in my make-up bag

Happy Easter! I thought I would post a 'what's in my bag' kind of post today, as I've come home from university and I only had room to pack essentials. So these products are the ones that I use the most, or know I will definitely be using over the next few weeks. 

I reckon I'll probably do a few reviews on these bits, so if there's a product you really want me to review, please let me know! 

My make up bag is from Louise Gray's collection for Topshop

Rimmel London BB Cream in light. Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner. Rimmel London Exaggerate waterproof eye definer. Rimmel London Extra super lash mascara. Tweezermans. Collection 2000 Pressed powder. The Body Shop 03 Brow definer shade: dark brown. Natural Collection Blushed cheeks in Peach Melba and Sugar Plum. Topshop lips in whimsical. Rimmel London Kate in 03. MUA Undressed eyeshadow palette. Models Own Lilac Dream. Essie Mint Candy Apple. Models own Beth's Blue. Maybelline color show Pow Green. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wishlist: shoes #4

Why don't I have all the money in the world so I can purchase all these gorgeous pairs of shoes?! I seriously need to invest in a new pair because I'm always in my nighthawks or chelsea boots, I need a change! 

I've had the Topshop Parker Premiums on a few posts now, I can't stop loving them! But obviously (being a student) I can't afford these beauties, and will be hunting the web for some cheaper alternatives. I think the Atlanta ankle boots are a lot more reasonably priced for Topshop, for a good quality pair of boots. They are also so cool, I love the masculine look. 

I really like the Boohoo Jazmins, they are so cute for spring/summer, and they're at a reasonable price. This is the same with the River Island studded slipper shoes, I will hopefully be getting my mits on these, for a mere £15! 

Flatforms are perfect for a night out, as your feet barely hurt in them! I've got a pair from River Island, but I think these ASOS ones are so cool with the studded detail! I was surprised they are only £28. 

These espidrilles are one of those items I've always wanted but never got round to buying. I think they would really add something to a casual outfit. Or even under dress a smart outfit for a casual look, like wearing them with a little dress. I think they would be so fun to style in the summer. 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Primark Haul

So, here's my first ever haul! Quite a few of you wrote on my post saying you would be interested in seeing it, so here we go! All these items were brought from the Oxford Street Primark on Monday, I thought I had brought a lot more than this, but when I photo'd everything it didn't look as much. (By the way, I know youtube hauls are a lot more exciting than in picture form, but I'm soooo not ready for the youtube world yet.) 

This t-shirt is so cool. It's really long and baggy, which I love. And the rolled up sleeves are really cute. But obviously the main reason why this is so cool is the number print detail it has all over it. It has that american jersey feel to it, because the numbers are in that font sports players would have on their kits. It's not that noticeable which I like, it's very subtle but still unique. The t-shirt was only £6, which is great! 

I cannot believe these are £5 each. I'm not sure if I'm right, but I think they sold these last year too? Either way, I think they are really cute, and you seriously can't go wrong when they are £5! They have them in so many different colours too, like black and pink, and I can't remember what else, but there's quite a few to choose from. I went for these two colours because I don't have anything mint green so I thought it would be a nice change, and the white because it's simple and pretty. 

This is just a basic t-shirt, that's quite long and oversized but with a unique lace panel on the back. The lace is only at the top of the back (I really should have taken a photo.) It's a really cute alternative to a basic tee! They also sell them in many different colours, I was just drawn to the aqua one, but I hope to pick up some more soon! 

I haven't brought any pyjamas from Primark before and I don't know why, they actually have some really cute nightwear in there. I picked up these pyjama bottoms because I had to throw some out because they had a massssive hole in them, but these are so cute so I'm happy! Plus, I've already worn them a few times and they are really comfy. 

Like every trip to Primark, I always pick up some tights. Theses ones a perfect, £3 for a 3 pairs, and they seem to last a while. All I need from tights, cheap and cheerful. 

I also got this necklace which was reduced to £1 from £3. Bargain, me and my flatmate both got one because it's so cheap. They had a few different ones with different coloured spikes, but I just preferred this one. 

So that was my Primark haul, please let me know what you've picked up from there recently! 


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spring Polishes

Collection 2000 Lemon Soda - £1.99

Here are my nail polish favourites for this spring. Recently, instead of going for nudes and dark shades, I've been going for the bright and neon colours. I love how bright nails can add a pop of colour to monochrome outfits. 

The photo does show the colours quite well, a part from the Rimmel London Instyle Coral and Essie Mint Candy Apple. The Instyle Coral is much more pinker than it is shown, and the Essie Mint Candy Apple has more of a blue tone.

It seems that Collection 2000 have stopped selling the Lemon Soda polish which is a shame because it's so nice and summery. But do check out the hot looks collection because they are so cheap and great quality. I'm definitely going to be picking up some more, I have my eye on Milkshake. 

I'm going back to my home in Essex tomorrow for a month, so these are the polishes I'm going to be taking with me! Hopefully the weather gets a lot nicer. Fingers crossed. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Stripes + a trip to London

New Look T-Shirt
Chelsea Boots via Ebay (similar here)

Yesterday, me and my flatmate went to the V&A Museum of Childhood in London, as she needed to go for her university course. I was happy to go because I really enjoy museums and I was promised a Primark trip after! 

It was actually really great. There were so many old toys, and even toys that I had in the 90's were on show. There were loads of MASSIVE dolls houses, which I was so jealous of because I only had a little one with four rooms. Not one that was bigger than my actual house! But anywho it was a great day and we even got to meet the teletubbies

After that, like promised, we went to Primark and spent three and a half hours filling up our baskets! I'm thinking of doing a sort of 'primark haul post' as I did get quite a few bits yesterday. Please let me know if you'd be interested. 

I thought I would end this post with a cheeky pic of me and po... 


Monday, 25 March 2013

She bangs the drums

ASOS Faux Leather Skirt

I wore this outfit last week on a night out, I took the photos and then forgot to upload them. But here they areee. I'm so shocked that ASOS are still selling this peplum top, as I brought it last summer for £28, and now it's down to £14! Hate it when that happens. 

I love these New Look wedges, I've been wearing them loads lately as they are so comfy and easy to walk in! Perfect! Definitely need to get some more wedged heels in the future. 

Today me and my flatmate are going on an educational trip to the museum of childhood, as she studies early childhood. I'm so excited to see lots of toys! I'll probably be uploading lots of photos on my instagram if any of you are interested! 

Sunday, 24 March 2013


It's my favourite spring trend! I'm more of a monochrome girl than brights and bolds, which is why I'm so happy monochrome is everywhere this season. (Although I did actually buy this the other day.) Here are a few monochrome items I've been lusting over lately. Don't forget to tell me what you've been after this week in the comment box below.

1. Boohoo Olivia Monochrome High Neck Jumper - £20.00: Comfy jumpers are great whatever the season (especially in England when it's cold 99% of the time.) This one has a high neck which it's so cute and comfy. Plus, I don't think 20 quid is too bad for a jumper which you can carry on wearing into the winter. 

2. Topshop Open Shoulder Tee - £14.00: Topshop did similar tops to this last spring/summer which I really loved. I have a grey one which had an open shoulder and then the other side was sleeveless. I think the cut out shoulders are so cool and I'm quite shocked it's only £14 in Topshop, I was expecting a little bit more. 

3. Warehouse Side Buckle Detail Tote -  £38.00: I like my bags quite big and basic, and I'm in need of a new bag and this one is pretty much perfect. The price isn't toooo bad for a bag but I'll definitely be hunting through some more shops for something like this but cheaper.  

4. River Island Turtle Neck Bodycon Dress - £18.00: Another item which I expected to be a lot more expensive. Seriously can not believe it's only £18, it's such a cute little black dress with a nineties twist. The only trouble I have with bodycons is that it shows off everything! If I had a flat stomach I would be wearing this everyday! 

5. Topshop Jacquard Pleat Front Shorts - £30.00: The detailing on these little shorts are so cute, and I really love the pleating at the front. Black shorts are so versatile and easy to wear. These would look so nice with a crop top or a pretty shirt. 

6. River Island Long Sleeve Stripe Crop Top - £20.00: I've been lusting over this basic top for weeks now, so versatile and I would get a lot of wear out of it. But I cannot understand why it is £20! That's so much for a crop top! I really love how it's long sleeved yet a crop top, (and it being monochrome) but 20quid?! What do you think? 



Friday, 22 March 2013

Reel around the fountain

The Smiths tee via Camden Market
Primark Jacket
Chelsea Boots via Ebay

Since buying my Topshop Joni jeans I haven't been wearing anything else! All I do is wear them! Definitely worth it. I find jeans so unflattering on me but these suck me in in all the places I want them too! Perfect! 

This is the outfit I wore to uni yesterday. When in doubt of what to wear, throw a band t-shirt on. I had a presentation to do which I was pooing myself for, I hate talking in front of everyone. 

I'm currently rushing around as I'm going out tonight but I thought I would get an outfit post done for you all! 

Hope everyone had a great week and enjoy your weekend! 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Garnier Moisture Match sample

Yesterday morning my Garnier Moisture Match free sample came through my door. I'm really excited to try these out, but first I thought I would put a post up for everyone who hasn't taken advantage of this yet! 

The Moisture Match collection is five different moisturisers tailored for different skin types. This includes: normal skin, normal/dry, dry/very dry, dull skin, combination/oily skin.

On the website you can take a 'find my match' quiz which allows you to find out which moisturiser is best for your skin type if you are unsure. I did this and it suggested I try the normal skin moisturiser which is suppose to protect your skin and glow.  

When I filled in the free sample form, I asked for the Protect and Glow for normal skin moisturiser, but I was pleased to see that they actually included three moisturisers in the pack! I got normal skin, normal to dry skin and dull skin. This will allow me to try all three and to see which one is truly best for my skin! I'm so excited to try these out because my skin really needs something to refresh it. I am most excited for the Protect and Glow moisturiser as it's suppose to give you a 'just got back from the beach glow'. 

Have you tried any of these out yet, what do you think? 


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Basics

Lately I've been after some new basic pieces for my spring wardrobe. Versatile pieces are my fave because you can wear them over and over again creating new outfits and different looks without spending loads of money. Here are some versatile items and how I would wear them...

1. New Look Double Strap Vest - £4.99: I think this top is so cute and it comes in white, purple, pink and of course black. I love all of them! I would buy this in a size bigger than I am to make it oversized and wear it with black skinny jeans so it gives off a flowy look. I would also wear it tucked into skater skirts or loose fitting shorts. 

2. New Look Pink Boucle Skate Skirt - £17.99: The colour of this skirt is gorgeous, and it would add a little something to any plain outfit. I would style it by matching it with a cute crop top and the flats (#6). I also think it would also look quite chic with a band tee tucked into it and a pair of chelsea boots. 

3. Topshop Crochet Sides Sundress - £36.00: I really really really want to buy this dress, and hopefully one day I will! Like I've said on the photo, I would layer the dress over tees to give off a cool grunge look. That is the sort of outfit I would want to wear to a festival with a pair of chelsea boots! I would also wear it with a little boucle jacket and flats for a summer day look. 

4. Boohoo Lois Mesh Panel Crop Top - £8.00: I am loving crop tops this spring, and this one stood out to me as I really like the mesh panelling. It would look so nice with a monochrome midi skirt or maybe a leather skirt for a evening look. It could be dressed down with a skater skirt, like #2

5. New Look White Paisley Peplum Top - £14.99: Peplum tops are so flattering, I only seem to wear them on nights out but I really want to try styling one for a day look. The pattern on this one is so cute and I think it would look great with some black skinnys! For a more formal look I would wear it with a midi skirt. 

6. New Look Black Stud Ankle Strap Pumps - £17.99: If I owned these I don't think I would take them off! I really love the ankle strap, they are so dainty! Love them. They would go with almost everything, the cost per wear would be next to nothing. Seriously just rambling  myself into buying these...  

7. Topshop High Roller Tank Top - £12.00: Everyone loves a basic tee. These tops are great for layering and tucking into pieces. I would wear it oversized with skinny jeans and a statement blazer. Or even tucked into a skirt with a long necklace. Tops like these are  so versatile and never go out of fashion. 


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Firmoo Sunglasses

Sunglasses are my all time favourite accessory for spring/summer, I would literally love to wear them in winter if it was acceptable. I normally get my sunglasses from high street shops like New Look and Topshop and spend no more than £15. I guess you definitely get what you pay for because these sunnies never last longer than a couple of summers for me. I once brought these really cute floral ones from New Look and the first day I wore them they melted! 

I was so pleased when Firmoo contacted me asking if I would test out a pair of their glasses, because I have never tried out a pair of high quality sunglasses before. Firmoo are a online optical store which really does have something for everyone! Not only do they have a wide selection of sunglasses but even more prescription glasses in many different frames and colours. 

I couldn't resist these sunglasses as I love the oversized style of them. They are very me! They also come in red and ivory, (I was so tempted with ivory, but I went for the safe option.) You can tell they are good quality because they are so sturdy. This is unlike my cheaper high street glasses which slip off my nose whenever I look down! I will definitely be spending all summer with these attached to my face. 

I was also so impressed with the service as my sunglasses were quickly dispatched and arrived at my door within a week. They also came with a hard and soft case with a cloth, this is perfect for when the sunglasses are in my bag, so they wont get broken.  

Firmoo are offering a first pair free program which allows you to get a pair of high quality glasses for free, all you need to do is pay for shipping. I am so happy with my sunglasses, so it's definitely worth checking out the website! 


Monday, 18 March 2013

You are the dream that I forgot

Office Nighthawks
Nails: Rimmel Peppermint

My outfit post consists of so much New Look today! This never happens because since moving to uni, our city only has a pathetically small New Look which is always full of jumpers and nothing else. I should really start looking on the website because when I was looking for the item links (for up there^) I saw so many cute little dresses and tops. 

Despite everything I just said, I did go into the store a few weeks ago and picked up this crop top, skater dress and the top from this outfit post all in one visit (I barely ever buy more than one item in one go if I'm not in Primark) New Look is definitely doing good this season in my eyes! 

I'm really loving crop tops and embracing my inner 90's child at the moment, I really need to get some more. I love the Topshop ones but I'm definitely going to be hunting through Primark for some cheaper alternatives. What fashion trend are you loving at the moment? 


Saturday, 16 March 2013

VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak

My hair is quite dry and damaged from dying my hair so much, so when I read about this hot oil I thought I would give it ago. Considering it's only around £4 it's quite a cheap drug store product, and VO5 is a brand I've used many times so I knew it wouldn't let me down. 

I've never used a hot oil before, so there was me reading all the directions carefully to make sure I didn't do it wrong! But it's pretty simple, put a big blob of it on your hair before shampooing, leave it in for a minute then rinse and shampoo. 

It made my hair feel so clean and refreshed. Normally after washing my hair it is still quite dry and lifeless, but the hot oil leaves my hair moisturised and smooth without making it heavy or removing any volume. It definitely made my hair look a lot more healthy. I really like using this hot oil as it feels like my hair is getting a good clean and it removes all the products I have put in it between washes. Although I don't actually use it every time I wash my hair, more like once a week.

Have you used any hot oils, what do you think? I would love to try some more out.

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