Monday, 4 February 2013

yes it's mile end

chelsea boots via ebay

Finally wore my topshop dress out of the flat! Since I've brought it I haven't had the right occasion to wear it, but I went out to a bar with some friends for karaoke the other night, so I wore this. We went to such a cool bar/pub in town which had photos of Morrissey, Adam Ant, Sid Vicious etc on the walls. Even the karaoke list wasn't the usual sing-a-long songs. My friend and I did Pulp together (hence the title of this post) and he did some Morrissey and Depeche Mode on his own. Great night!  

I really do love this dress, I have mentioned it in quite a few posts now. I have teamed it with my faux leather jacket from Topshop, which gives the outfit more of a effortless look but still quite formal. I've just realised this outfit is pretty much all Topshop, oops. 
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