Friday, 15 February 2013

The future starts so slow

Primark jacket
Office nighthawks

My flatmate and I went to Oxford Street the other day to spend all of our money, and I picked up so many nice little bits. I picked up this dress in Topshop, as I love the fit of these dresses, and they do them in so many colours now! I have the grey one, but I think I prefer this one at the moment. The light blue is so lovely for spring. If I had all the money in the world I would definitely pick up some more of these, but at 26 pounds each they aint cheap! I do think they are worth it though. 

I also brought this jacket from Primark. I've had my eye on the monochrome textured jacket from Next for a while now, but being a student, I can't really afford £55! This was in Primark for £12 which is a complete steal. Primark has definitely upped its game this season, there were so many nice pieces I wanted for so little money. 



  1. Love this outfit so much!
    Katie xx

  2. I wish I could shop at Oxford right now! LOVED London when I visited there!
    Your outfit is wonderful!! :)
    Alona |

  3. I adore your speckle dress!
    Such a cute outfit, I love it!
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  4. Cute outfit xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  5. The shoes are too cute!


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