Tuesday, 5 February 2013

She's thunderstorms

Forever 21 dress
Office nighthawk shoes

Anyway, it's the Topshop jacket again! I've been wearing this so much lately, you'll probably see it quite a lot on this blog. I spent months and months last year trying to find the perfect faux leather jacket that wasn't too expensive. I brought one from H&M which was around 30pounds, but it was cropped and I just didn't like it that much. But I found this one at the beginning of January for £55, (not too bad for something I've been waiting for my whole life pretty much.) Definitely worth buying, I literally throw it over everything. 

I brought this dress from Forever 21 about 2 years ago I think. I wore it a lot while I was at college and completely forgot about it until today. I really like the cute print and how it tucks in at the waist. I wore this to university as it's quick and comfy, but still nice enough to wear around the city. 

The lighting in these photos are so bad, I'm sorry.

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