Monday, 25 February 2013

Rimmel London Peppermint

I think I've found my spring favourite! Seriously, I knew how lovely the colour was from looking at the bottle, but it looks so much better on! I really like these Rimmel lyrca pro nail polishes as they come out so nicely and shiny, it really does leave you with a professional finish in my opinion. I also really like how the brush is thick, it makes it much easier to apply, and I definitely need that or I get in a right state! The bottle says that this polish can last up to 10 days, I don't think I actually agree with this because mines chipped a bit already and I've only just put it on.

I think you can pick these up in drug stores for just under £5, but I actually got this in primark for £2, it's definitely worth looking at their beauty section. 



  1. That is gorgeous! Definitely going to look for it next time I'm out shopping.

  2. That is so pretty, love mint shades of green!


  3. it looks like such a lovely shade, awh! xo

  4. Aw this is such a pretty shade!

    Chloe xx

  5. Such a pretty colour! I know what you mean with the brushes, its so much easier to apply! (: definitely going to look out for them next time im in primark!

    Remia xx

  6. Beautiful color!!

    X Esther /

  7. My boyfriend brought me that nail varnish for Christmas, I loved the colour.

    New follower here - would love if you could follow back?

  8. this is my favorite nail color right now tooO!!!! i love ittt

  9. ooo this is a gorgeous colour!
    I love his so much.. I think it would look just as gorgeous against my skin tone, so it's a win!
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