Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Look SS13 collection

Here are a few pieces which I will be hopefully buying from New Looks spring/summer collection this year. There were so many cute girly dresses, wedges and floral pieces that are so perfect for summer. I'm excited to see more of what New Look has to offer this season. Although so far, I think I prefer Primark's spring/summer pieces. 

 1. PRINTED SUMMER DRESS: This dress would be great on its own and as a laying piece. I think it would look nice with a light summer scarf or a thin white blazer. Then for the colder days a light coloured jumper over the top. I can't really work out what the print is, It's sort of floral but not. I don't know. 

 2. METALLIC SHORTS: I reaaaaally like these shorts. They would look great in the day time and in the evening. I think they would look cute with a basic white crop top. I really hope to buy this when it's in store. 

 3. LACE INSERT TOP: I think this is really cute, It a cool alternative to a plain white sleeveless shirt. It could be wore with jeans or tucked into skirts for a day look or even a more formal look. I really like the pink lace, it really makes the shirt more of a statement piece. Plus, it also has that cowboy feel to it. Love. 

 4. PLEATED BOUCLE SKIRT: I have seen quite a lot of boucle clothing recently, I really like it as it adds texture to an outfit. This skirt is just a basic skirt which needs to be in my wardrobe. It would look great with t-shirts or shirts tucked into it for a casual look. I also really like the colour, as I don't own much pink and it would look really cute in the spring/summer. 

 5. SHEER PRINTED SHIRT: I hate sheer shirts. It's just such a hassle because I don't want to show off my bra and I don't want to have a wear a vest under it. But I do really like this one, as I love the contrast between the white collar and the print. 

Check out the rest of New Look's spring/summer collection here! 



  1. ooo love the little shorts, i might have to get them when they hit stores !
    I would love for you to check out my blog
    Hope to see you soon
    Ashley x

    1. Thank you for the comment, will definitely check out your blog x

  2. I absolutely adore the shorts and little pink skirt ! I cannot wait for spring ! I feel like it's been winter for ages now, and we haven't even had snow in south of France, meh not even worth being in winter haha !
    Have a great day !

    Charlie xx

    1. Definitely bored of winter now haha, bring on spring! Thank you for the comment x

  3. Love that skirt! I can't wait for spring to come, I'm getting tired of cold days! xx

  4. That dress is beautiful! Lovely wishlist x

  5. Oh my gosh that summer dress is so so so cute!


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