Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wishlist #1

 1. TOPSHOP SCALLOP RAGLAN SHIFT DRESS: This is my perfect type of dress, black and oversized. I really like the scallop detailing as it makes the basic dress more feminine and cute. At 46 pounds, I do think it's pretty expensive for a little black dress, but because it's so basic I think I would get a lot of wear out of it. Mmmm, unsure. 

 2. TOPSHOP TRIBAL JACQUARD SKATER DRESS: I know this is on my "wish list" but I brought it today! I've had my eye on it for a while now and I just decided to get it instead of lusting over it every time I go in Topshop. I really do love it and I think £38 isn't too bad for a dress I could wear in the day and in the evening. I think it would look really cute with a jumper and scarf for a day time look. 

 3. NEW LOOK BLUE BOUCLE LONGLINE BLAZER: This picture does not give the blazer justice! It looks so much better in 'real life'. I saw it in New Look today and I fell in love, and it's a really cute blue colour which is perfect for spring. The only thing which stopped me from buying it is the price. I just find that £25 is too much to spend on one item in New Look! New Look is meant to be cheap! I don't know, maybe it's just me being tight. I will buy it one day! 

 4. TOPSHOP CHUNKY CATEYE SUNGLASSES: I just need these to cover my face. I love oversized sunglasses and I really like the cat eye shape frames on these ones. Perfect. 

 5. H&M STRIPPED BLOUSE: This blouse would look really nice tucked into bodycon skirts or even with black jeans. I just hope it isn't shear as that really ruins a good shirt! I hope to buy something like this as it's so casual and fits in with the monochrome trend for this spring/summer. 


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Office Nighthawks

I've been after the Office nighthawks and Topshop alvin boots for a while now but I just couldn't justify paying £80+ on one pair of shoes. I'm so bad at paying a lot of money on just one thing, I would rather buy lots and lots of cheaper stuff. Anyway, I went into Office last week and saw the nighthawks boots and the shoe version on sale, and in my size! It was a hard decision between the two pairs but as you can see, I went for the shoe version. I love them and they are definitely my new go to shoe. There were so many shoes in the Office sale that I wanted to buy! I got these shoes for £25 and the boot versions were on sale at £35. The sale section is definitely worth a look! What bargains have you picked up this January?


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Primark SS13 Collection

Collection source: 1
I'm really surprised by Primark's s/s collection this year, there are soo many bits I hope to buy over the next few months. These six key pieces are a small section of my favourites from the collection. But like always in Primark there were definitely some items which were not so nice, who really buys those leopard print hot pants? 

 1. ORGANZA AQUA DRESS - £15: To me, this dress doesn't look like it's from Primark. I think it might be my favourite piece from the collection! The light aqua colour is gorgeous and the detailing is so lovely. It's a completely bargain at £15, and if it was in any other high street store it would probably be about 30! I really hope I am able to get my mits on this, completely love it! 

 2. STRIPE SKINNY ANKLE GRAZERS - £13: These trousers remind me of ice cream for some reason, they are so cute! They would look really nice in the summer matched with an oversized white tee. For 13 pounds you can't really go wrong. On the website they also show them with blue stripes which look nice too, I just prefer the pink ones. 

 3. PINK BOUCLE DRESS - £20: I'm not 100% sure why I like this dress to be honest. I think it would look quite cool with a shirt or maybe even a t-shirt under it, but I don't think I would wear it on its own. At £20 it's quite on the pricey side (for Primark) but the material looks thick and well made. It definitely has that sixties thing going on, but it would look a lot nicer with a collar coming out of it. 

 4. ANIMAL PRINT SUNGLASSES - £1: I hate animal print, but for some reason I'm really liking the animal print sunglasses that have started to appear in the shops. They remind me of the sort of sunglasses my mum would wear on family beach holidays in the 90's. If I see these in Primark I will definitely pick them up, because at one pound it doesn't matter how much wear I get out of them. 

 5. TOILE DU JOIE SHIRT DRESS - £13: This dress is so cute with the little trees on it. Such a nice little day dress for university or just out and about. You could also wear a jumper over the top with the collar poking out, which would look really cute. The dress has cut out bits on the side (primark trying to be trendy) I don't think the dress really needed it, it's nice as it is. 

 6. EMBROIDED PATCH DENIM SHORTS - £12: Everyone needs a good pair of denim shorts for the summer, and these ones are really cool with the aztec design on them. I thought they would have been much more expensive than £12, which is a great bargain. These are definitely a cool alternative to your plain basic denim shorts. 

What do you think of Primark's spring/summer collection, Will you be buying any of it? 


Tuesday, 22 January 2013


 River Island coat
Topshop jaime jeans
scarf - New Look
hat - Topshop 
Zara city bag
nike air force ones

I normally hate snow, but today I had a great day with my flatmates having snowball fights and building our snowman. You wouldn't believe this but at 18 years old, this is the first snowman I have ever built!  

This is just a basic outfit I would wear on any winter day like today, coat, jeans and scarf. This coat is from river island and was brought at the beginning of the season, and has been worn all winter. I love anything oversized as it's so comfy and can be thrown over anything. The scarf was originally a snood, but I cut it in half and sewed it up a little to make it into a normal scarf. You can buy these tartan scarves in "non-snood" form  from most high street stores anyway. I brought this hat before Christmas and barely wore it, I just can't decide if I really am a hat person, ah well.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hello blogosphere

Finally, I have started my blog. It has been something I have wanted to do for a while now but was never sure what sort of content I wanted to create. Clothing was an idea that stood out to me the most, as I follow many other fashion bloggers and I thought I would be able to contribute to the fashion blogosphere. I wouldn't say I am particularly fashionable at all but I do have a certain style when it comes to clothes. I see this more as a style blog than fashion. 

I am Lauren and I study media and communications at university. This blog is being created so I can put my skills in practice by creating engaging media content and sharing it globally. It will also allow me to develop my writing and digital media skills. This blog will help me achieve what I want from my degree as well as giving me something productive and creative to put my time into. 

My interests are: clothes, eighties music, photography, sleeping, dawson's creek and food.

If you would like to contact me my email is 

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